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Data management

Our Data management services provide a highly sophisticated and
scalable approach. This service provides all the established capabilities, includes the
following functions: practicing the disciplines in the development, execution and supervision
of plans, and programs.

Customer services

Our customer service is to meet the customer’s expectations. Great
customer service means doing that every time a customer reaches out.

Tours and Travel

We are an employee-owned company with a passion for providing
excellent customer service, leveraging our expertise and technology to deliver original travel
solutions in a delightful work climate."


Our accounting services are backed by 2+years of proven technology with a
market –leading platform. Accounting services provides you with a comprehensive solution
when it comes to investment data, validated by experts in your fields of business. HellCatFreight
accounting services delivers accurate, timely and regulatory compliant accounting data and
reports, in a way that keeps you in control, and is cost effective.


RELIABLE AND HASSLE-FREE LOGISTICS SERVICES. We provide you with the best Logistics services available. 


Globally, the insurance sector has been under constant growth owing to changing customer demands, digital advancements, regulatory changes, agile competitors,
and innovative business models.

Insurance carriers, agencies, agents, wholesalers, and product lines need customization and time-to-market optimization to maximize organizational value. Out posting insurance services could be one of the best strategic solutions to accomplish the required.

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We work on the motto: "Your Business Is Our Success"

We are a Freight Brokerage and Data Management Company based in USA and in INDIA that we provide all kind of services from Analytics to Logistics. We deal with the clients from USA, UAE and a large part of Europe. We are a team of highly competent Leaders who work very closely with their customers with defined process.